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WordPress Tutorial : How To Install WordPress

In this WordPress Tutorial, I will show you how you can install WordPress in easy and simple steps.First I will show you how you can install WordPress on your computer using WAMP for that you can you watch below WordPress tutorial video.

In this WordPress tutorial video.I have demonstrated, how you can install WordPress on local machine ( your computer ) and after that we will transfer our local developed website into a live server and also please check below method for how to install WordPress on your hosting.

How to Install WordPress on Web Server

In the top video I have show you how you can use WordPress to install it on local server inside your computer, but in below tutorial, I will show you how you can install WordPress on your hosted server or live web server.

Follow below steps with me.

The first step is log in to your hosting account/Cpanel and create MYSQL database for your WordPress installation to use by scrolling down to the database section of your cpanel account.

install wordpress image 01

On the second screen enter the name of database and click create, to create an empty database for your WordPress installation.

install wordpress image 02

Once you create the database then click on the go back button.But before that, note down the database name which we will use.

install wordpress image 03

Now we will require to create a user for our database so that WordPress can interact with it. On this page, enter a username and password; you can click the “Password Generator” to let cPanel create a secure one for you. Once done, click the “Create User” button.

create database user

Next step is to add user to the database which we have created, to do so. select database and user then click add.

install wordpress image 04

on the next screen mark All Privileges” box to provide permission’s to the database user and click “Make Changes”, and we are done here.Now we have database and user created, it’s time to move to the next phase. install wordpress image 05

Head over to the wordpress and download the latest version of wordpress.Once you have downloaded the zip file, unzip it and now you can upload it to the hosting server.

wordpress installation- wordpress files

Uploading wordpress can done via FTP, you can transfer all the files to your hosting using filezilla (FTP software) or you can also upload zip file to your server and right click on it and extract all files inside the hosting server.

If you want to host all the files on the root domain (hosting linked with only single domain).Then you require to extract/upload all files to the public_html directory of your hosting.

Now after uploading all the files, It’s time to start installing wordpress on your domain.

so let’s move to that step.

Once files are upload, visit your site in the browser to install wordpress.

install wordpress image 06

After getting to the above screen. Now enter the database name which we have created, database user name which we have created and password of the user which we have created and leave the rest of the things as it is, and click submit.

install wordpress image 07

Now you will require to enter your website title, administrative username for wordpress admin panel and password twice. You will also require email, so insert your email address and click “Install WordPress”.It will take a moment for the installation to complete.

install wordpress image 08

After completing installation you will get a screen like the above.

Click on the “Log In”, to login to the admin section of wordpress and after clicking login you will get a screen like below, enter your username and password and again click log in.

 install wordpress login screen

Congratulation! you have successfully install wordpress

If you have any question about WordPress Tutorial : How To Install WordPress you can use the comment section below to get any help.


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