WordPress.com OR WordPress.org

When we first talk about WordPress, then two sites came in our mind, WordPress.com and WordPress.org and then we take a decision which version of WordPress is more reliable and what are the pros and cons of WordPress.com and WordPress.org and which version to choose WordPress.com OR WordPress.org?

So in this lecture of WordPress Tutorial, we will discuss which version of WordPress to choose either WordPress.com OR WordPress.org

So let’s compare each version of WordPress and let you choose which version is best for you?

WordPress.com OR WordPress.org

WordPress.com (Free Hosting)

WordPress.com is a free site which is hosted by WordPress creator.Matt Mullenweg.Which offer to create free WordPress blog/website but limited in resource when you use free version.

Basically, it is a free provider which helps you join and create a WordPress website without difficulty, and they’ll take care of hosting your site and all of the other considerations behind the curtain so that you can focus on growing content material without having to fear about technical stuff.

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As we now know that wordpress.com is free service, so why WordPress creator created this, because they run ads on your free hosted site to get profit from it and charging you for premium themes, plugin’s and extra space.

There are paid tool/add-ons also available like themes, plugins etc. which you can buy and use it on your wordpress.com website.


  • Free registration without any fee you can get free website
  • Easy to use no technical knowledge require
  • Hosted on secure server
  • Maintenance free, all updates will be done by WordPress
  • Can get support for your website


  • You have to pay for using custom/own domain name
  • Limited themes and have to pay for customization of theme
  • Limited number of free plugins
  • Not allowed to monetized until you have 25K views on your website/blog after that you will be able to monetize your website/blog and also you have to use WordPress ads system.
  • you have to pay for storage above 3GB.


WordPress.org (Self-Hosting)

WordPress.org is the version of WordPress which you can download and upload it to your own web server and install it on your domain.This version of WordPress is completely free and is licensed under the GPL, which mean it is open source and you are allowed to do any changes to it without thinking about any copyright violation.

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You can create unlimited website and also modify it according to your requirements.If you are planning to use this version of WordPress then you will require to buy domain name and hosting which will cost you per month or per anum and also, you will require a bit of technical knowledge to install this version of WordPress.

Now a days around all web hosting providers support one click installation of WordPress.Which make life a bit easy! But you don’t have to worry abou any thing in next article I will show you how to install wordpress on your hosting, but first let’s take a look at pros and cons of this version of wordpress.


  • Free to use and customize
  • Install any theme, free or paid
  • Install any plugin, free or paid
  • Complete control over your website
  • Easy to monetize


  • Pay for hosting and domain
  • Require a bit of technical knowledge, other then customization
  • Responsible for all updates and installation
  • No support include
  • No site backup Or responsible for site backup

These are little details about wordpress.com and wordpress.org, now it’s you choice to use WordPress.com OR WordPress.org.

Which one you prefer the most WordPress.com OR WordPress.org. Let us know in the comment section below.


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