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The Biggest Mistakes By Bloggers

The Biggest Mistakes By Bloggers

The biggest mistake by bloggers that I have seen many bloggers make is relying on the search engines for traffic. On some of the days my blog got 200 daily views, 10% of that traffic was from search engines. If I relied on the search engines, there would be some days when I only got 20 views instead of 200 views.

The first time my blog got over 400 views, less than 10% of that traffic came from search engines. That big 400 would have been under 40 if I relied on the search engines. The SEO tactics are out there, and although they won’t lead to dramatic success in the short-term, they will help out in the long-term.

Right now, you’re probably wondering how I got the other 360 or so views on my blog when I got 400 views in one day. I did not use any traffic exchange sites to pull this off. Instead, I used social media. Social media contributed to about 200 visitors on that day. Those 200 visitors looked at my other blog posts because I pay special attention to reducing my blog’s bounce rate.

That’s how I got over 400 views and over 200 visitors in one day mainly with social media. Twitter and Pinterest were the driving forces of that day’s success, and the successes of many other days as well. On that day, over 150 people came to my blog from Twitter and over 50 people came to my blog from Pinterest.

While the search engines are a great way of getting traffic, there are going to be some good days with the search engines, but there are also going to be some bad days. In order to get more traffic to your blog, you need to utilize your social networks instead of focusing on the search engines. The search engines are a great way to get traffic, but social networks are more reliable, and for me, they have had better results.

How did you come across this blog? Did you click on the link in my tweet, click on my pin, or use the search engines to find me? You may have used the search engine to find me, but if I had to take a guess, I would guess that you found this blog post on a social network.


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