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Singular tags in html With Example

There are two main different types of tags in HTML. paired tags and Singular tags. so let’s start with what is HTML Tag.


HTML tags are the hidden keywords which are not visible to the web surfer or at the front end of the browser until you display the source of the web page. HTML tags have two parts opening part and closing part.

HTML tag must always be bound by angular brackets “< >”,  Starting with less than sign “<” and closing with the greater than sign “>” and between these two we have our markup like in the above example we have “<html>”.

Along with that, we have also opening tag (<html>) and closing tag (</html>), an opening tag is that from which we start our elements and closing tag is that on which we close our elements. The difference between opening and closing tag is single forward slash “/” and between this opening and closing tag, we have our contents. For example:

Above example is the basic structure of the web page.

So what are the two main type of tags in HTML?

Paired tags

Paired tags are those tags which have an opening and closing objects or those tags which are in pair. Below is the example of pair tags. Paired tags have an opening tag and closing tag, check above explanation for opening tag and closing tag.

Singular Tags

A tag is set to be a singular tag when there is no closing tag for that or Tag is said to be singular tag when there is no companion tag. For example, we have only one tag which don’t require any closing tag and it must always be a single tag, that is why it’s called singular tag Singular Tags are also called Unpaired Tags Or Stand alone tag Or Tag without companion tag.

Below are singular Tags in HTML.

Another type of tag which is used for search engine inside the website is Meta Tags.

Meta Tags

Meta Tags are those tags which are used in the <head> section of the website, which provides relative data about the webpage to the search engine. For example, we use meta keywords for a single page of our website if you right click on this web page and view source, then you will see in the header section there are meta tags used, which carry Meta title, Meta keywords, and Meta description. that keywords and description are used for the search engine to know what the page is about.


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