Programming With JavaScript

Programming With JavaScript

Programming With JavaScript

In this lecture we will learn Programming With JavaScript. JavaScript is client side computer programming language. It is used in web development. It runs on client side software known as web browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc. Using JavaScript we can program the behavior of webpage. Mostly we can use JavaScript with HTML webpages using JavaScript  Events. Some of the JavaScript events are onload, onfocus, onchange, onmouseover, onmouseout etc.

A steps of instruction in any computer programming language is  known as computer program. A person who write / make computer programs using any computer programming language is known as programmer and the language which is used for making computer program is known as computer programming language.

Strictly VS Loosely Type Language

In strictly type language we declare datatype of variable before declaring variable. C, C++, Java, C# is strictly type programming language. for example int num = 5; string name = “asad” etc.

In loosely type language we don’t declare datatype of variable before declaring variable. JavaScript and PHP is loosely type programming language. for example var num = 5; var name = asad; $num = 5; $name= “asad”;

Procedural Programming Paradigm VS Object Oriented Programming Paradigm

Procedural Paradigm programming languages don’t supports OOP(Object Orinted Programming) concepts. In Procedural Programming Paradigm managing a large program become difficult and become very complex. C and JavaScript is procedural programming languages.

The language which supports OOP(Object Orinted Programming)  concept is known as OOP language.Some of the OOP concepts is classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction etc. C++, Java, C# and PHP is OOP languages.

Tools Needed For JavaScript

Writing program in JavaScript need a code editor such as notepad, notepad++, sublime text etc  and web browser such as chrome, mozilla ,  opera etc.

To write JavaScript program in webpage first we must open script tag and close it  after end of program. We can open a script tag in HTML head or body tag. Also we can make external JavaScript file and then we embed it into HTML webpage.

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