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How To Produce and Post Quality Content For Blog

How do I consistently produce and post quality content to my blog?

This question arise when you own your own blog and you have write some posts and after some day’s you have no idea what to write or what type of content should i post or how i can produce a quality contents for my blog which not only drive me a traffic but also reader are happy to read.

so here is the secret revealed from experienced bloggers, how they and you, can write consistently and produce quality contents for your blog, you have take this steps in mind and follow through every day and every time.If you have some other idea’s then post it in the comment section below.

1. Become an idea machine

Buy the book here: Because Ideas Are The Currency Of The 21st Century or search for a free book which give you detail about idea. To become an idea machine you have to write down 10 ideas every day. Not every weekday. Not every day you feel like it. Every day. This is my list for today. I feel more creative and i am more creative and I know this is why I won’t run out of things to write about on my blog


2. Make notes

Whenever you have an interesting thought. Whenever you have a new thought. Whenever you realise something. Whenever you hate something. Whenever you want to respond to a piece of writing. Whenever you think “I won’t forget this!” . So make a note and after noting that write about it when ever you have a time to write for your own blog.


3. Write about things you enjoy

If you write about things you don’t enjoy then you won’t enjoy writing it. And if you don’t enjoy writing it then who’s going to enjoy reading it? I only write about things I enjoy because then the words pour and scorch and are sucked from me. Mostly. But I don’t even know how to write about things I don’t enjoy writing about.


4. Fix time for posting

I used to post stuff randomly. And then I posted stuff every day. And now I post stuff every Tuesday and every Saturday. Mimi Ikonn, a YouTube star, does this. And she’s a millionaire. Maybe you don’t care about being a millionaire. But I do. Who is this list for again? If nothing else, knowing I post on a Tuesday and a Saturday works for me because I can plan. I think it would’ve been helpful for me to do this when I first started.


5. Write every day

I’m going to give you this secret for free. Maybe I’m crazy. Maybe I should charge you. But whatever. Ok, here it is. Writing every day is how you get good at writing. At least, it’s how I’ve grown into someone who can write more good.so writing daily will improve your skills of writing and will also engage you with your readers not only that but it will rank your site good in search result.


6. Use Q/A website for inspiration

When you are out of idea what to write and what other are interested in than it’s time to check yourself what people are asking about and what are the trendy contents.In my case i write tutorials and blogging articles and mostly i am register at every question/answering website like stackoverflow , Quora and some other popular website.so signup for Q/A website and see question under the niche about which you are writing it will give you a great idea, what to write on your own blog.


7. Read everyday

I like to read fiction because the authors are captivating storytellers. Their words bring you into a zone. Their words transcend time. I like to read non-fiction (computer related stuff) because I learn many things and it’s what I write and I want to be better than the people I read. I like to combine fiction and non-fiction.


8. Mining the GOLD

I wanted to write for many different websites. And, for a while, I was writing on Quora too, but not as much. Even though that’s where most of my blog subscribers were telling me they’d found me. Now, I write for a couple of websites and I spend hours per day on Quora. It’s working. I wonder what stopped me from doing it before. Not being brave enough to say “no,” perhaps.


9. Tell your story

Because you’re the only person who can tell them, by telling your story to your audience they will know about your journey and will be more interested to read about your blog.


10. More things you should remember

  1. Focus your efforts on one particular topic. Otherwise you risk becoming a “jack of all trades and master of none.”
  2. Subscribe to the RSS feeds of the top blogs in your field.
  3. Review your content on a daily basis and share the best pieces on the social media platform(s) where your audience resides.
  4. Use story writing software like Airstory to help you organize your research and write posts.

If you have other unique idea’s under this topic category than post it in a comment or contact us and create a guest blog post.


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