how to make money on youtube

how to make money on YouTube Lecture 03

So here is our 3rd lecture of our course how to make money on YouTube, in this lecture we have completed 3 topics.

  1. What type of contents you should use on YouTube
  2. How to upload video to YouTube.
  3. how to monetize YouTube video or how to enable monetization on YouTube.

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In this lecture of the course, we explain the about copyright contents.what type of contents we should use on YouTube and what contents we should not use, and this section of the video should be follow strictly to not get banned from YouTube.

after that we discuss about the video upload process and basic setup about YouTube video upload process and what type of options we have available and what type of controls we have, to control our video options.

after that we land into the main part of the tutorial which is how to make money on YouTube. 

In this section, we first verify our YouTube channel then apply for monetization and then we relieve an email from YouTube to activate the monetization process and google adsense account.

Please watch the video below and comment back if you have any question, suggestion or improvement.



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