make money on youtube videos

Make Money On YouTube Videos Part 1

how to make money on youtube

In this video tutorial of course how to make money on youtube, I have demonstrated the topic cover in the entire course, as you know entire course is free of cost so kindly subscribe to our youtube channel for more upcoming video tutorials.

In this video I explained the different topic of make money on youtube course, these are the topics which we will cover.

  • How to make money on youtube introduction
  • Getting started with YouTube by creating channel
  • What type of contents you should use on YouTube
  • Uploading your first video
  • How to monetize your YouTube channel
  • How to optimize your video
  • How to list your video on first page of google
  • How to get better earning using keyword research
  • How to get more visitors and make your video traffic grow

video transcription

Hey what’s up hasan gul here from tutoriallab.net and welcome to the really exciting course of make money using YouTube so in this introductory video you I will show you the different topics which we will be covering in this course so let’s get started.

The first video of our entire course will be about creating a youtube channel, I will
guide you step-by-step how you can create a YouTube channel the second video will be about what type of videos or contents are allowed on YouTube mean what type of content we can upload to our channel.

The third video will be about the process of uploading our first video to YouTube.The fourth lecture will be about monetizing our YouTube channel how we can monetize our YouTube channel and start running ads.

The fifth lecture will be about optimizing your videos, I will show you the method through which you can optimize your YouTube videos for better ranking and search results.

The sixth video will be about optimizing our videos for a google search, how we can list our videos on the first page of the google.

The seventh video will be about keyword research, how we can increase our earning using keyword research I will show you that method. The last video will be about getting traffic how we can get a lot of traffic for our videos, I will show you different places from There you can get a lot of traffic for your videos.

Along with these videos, I will also give you tips and other videos to optimize your YouTube channel and to get better earning fromYouTube.


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