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JavaScript Option Menu Freebies

Today we are providing our first freebie JavaScript option menu which contain 4 awesome javascript option menus! which is only made up of pure html, css, JavaScript (jquery) and the external file we only need for this freebie is jquery and you are good to go and use this freebie without any restriction.


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About javascript Option Menus

JavaScript option menus are designed in such a way, that they can simply embed to any of your project and you only have to insert simple html to your page and enjoy this awesome JavaScript option menu.Basically this menus are hidden off screen and only appear when a user click a button and once open, than menu can easily hidden away by clicking the close button.

How to embed JavaScript option menu in your project

you can embed this menu in any of your project by simply copying the HTML from the demo examples and place the code anywhere on your page. There are also a few lines of JavaScript, and a specific CSS file for each menu. Both the JavaScript and CSS are self contained and shouldn’t cause any side effects to your existing content.

We’ve also added event handlers that call alerts when a option in the menus is selected. You can use this to effortlessly add your own functionality to all the links and buttons.


javascript option menu screenshot


Free for Commercial Use

The menus can be downloaded from the button on the top of the page. You have all rights to customize them and use them however you want, in both personal and commercial projects. Enjoy!


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