Intro To HTML

Intro To HTML:

HTML Is markup language used for presenting content on web/websites.Today we will start HTML course, in this course, we will learn complete HTML course contents. So lets start our first class Intro To HTML First of all, we will learn how to create basic web page structure so let’s see the code below.

Tools Required For This Course:

Web Browser like Chrome, IE, Mozilla Firefox and any code editor like notepad++ or sublime text2.

If you are new to HTML just copy the below code and paste it into your code/text editor and save it with name extension.HTML and then open it in your web browser.You will see how it work.

Explanation of the above code

<!DOCTYPE html> is html5 declaration we must start web page structure from this line.

<html> tag represent start of web page

</html> tag represent end of the web page

between these two tags <head></head> it contain web browser and search engine information.

these two tags represent <body></body> actual body of the web page most of our work will be between in these two tags.

<h1> <h2> <h3> ….. <h6> these tags are use for heading in a web page. h1 are the most greater in size while h6 is smallest one.

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