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Intro To CSS

Intro To CSS

Hello this is our first class Intro To CSS(Cascading Style Sheet).In this class we will discuss about what is CSS, Why we use CSS and how to use CSS .So CSS is a stylesheet language that describes the presentation of an HTML document.CSS describes how elements must be rendered on screen, on paper, or in other media.As you know that we use HTML to define structure of web application or website so after making the web application or website structure we use CSS to make it more interactive and user friendly so then we stylized the HTML element using CSS. There are three ways to use CSS.To use CSS in webpage we define <style> tag.

1)Inline CSS

2)Internal CSS

3)External CSS


Inline CSS

The most simplest way to use CSS is Inline CSS. We can use Inline CSS with in the same line with HTML Element.

Internal CSS

Another way to use CSS is Internal CSS.We can use Internal CSS by defining <style> tag with in <head>section.

External CSS

Mostly we use External CSS because it is easy to use.One advantage in External CSS is to write one External CSS file and embed it in multiple HTML webpages it will work in all embeded pages.First write CSS code in separate file and save it with extension .css then call it in <head> section of wepage.

The above is External CSS file save it with style.css name and then call it with in HTML webpage like this.

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