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Increase Domain Authority SEO Tutorial

In this article of increase domain authority, I will show you how you can increase your website domain authority using simple and easy to use steps and increase SEO score for your website.First we will talk about what domain authority is and how we can increase domain authority which will help our website to listed in search engine easily.

Domain Authority (DA)

Domain authority is introduced by MOZ and it is calculated by the total SEO score of your domain including quality of article/text inside your website, how you have used links in your website pages and how much quality backlinks your website or website pages have.

How to check domain authority (DA)

You can install MOZ chrome addon/extension which is called MOZ Bar to check domain authority and page authority.which will also allow you to check Domain Authority of each and every domain, not only that you can also check Page Authority (PA), do page analysis, check social share and can also use Moz open site explorer for more detail about the page or domain .

check domain authority
Checked Domain Authority Using Moz Bar


Increase Domain Authority

increase domain authority inforgraphic
increase domain authority inforgraphic

Link this increase domain authority infographic on your website using below code

How to Increase Domain Authority?

We will explain different factors which affect domain authority and you can follow below guide to increase domain authority of your website.

  1. Posting Quality Content
  2. On Page SEO
  3. Creating Optimized urls
  4. Creating Backlinks
  5. Social Media
  6. Domain age
  7. Be patient

Posting Quality Content

You can increase you website SEO by posting quality contents, if you search on google about SEO you will get that everyone is talking about quality content (content is a king). So to create quality content you can check our guide how you can do that.but as you know this is domain authority post I will explain about this,

Quality content mean that you can create a contents for your website which is not copied from other website, if you copy content from other website, google will find out that this is copy of the original content and will drop your website from listing in search engine, this will effect your SEO badly and when there is no good content mean no increase in traffic from search engine.

another point is, if you want to increase SEO and DA, you should at least post a content with atleast 1000 word and that content must be inter linked and will also contain outbound links.

On Page SEO

On page SEO is another part of increasing your domain authority and page authority. when you create contents for your website you have to keep on page SEO in mind, As Moz explains, to improve your DA.

you need to improve your overall SEO, and that includes all the details that SEOs know and love — site structure, navigability, breadcrumbs, URL structure, meta tags, header tags, word count, keywords, alt tags, etc..

  1. Create a good title and before creating title do keyword research.
  2. The keyword for which you want to rank your website must include in the page URL.
  3. Domain authority is directly proportional to page authority, if good page authority then it will increase  your domain authority.
  4. create inter linked contents like this article
  5. create engaging contents, insert images and videos into your article so people may stay for long on your page.
  6. create contents with a lot of text mean lengthy articles.
  7. provide good meta description.
  8. use alt text on all of your images.

So increase in on-page SEO will help you increase domain authority.

Creating Optimized URL

After doing keyword research and write article using that specific keyword it time to optimize URL which help search engine to get the correct content and list it in the top 10 results.

when any of your page is in top 10 result than people do click on that link and land to your website, which tell MOZ and google that this website contain valuable contents and you should rank it and increase it domain authority and page authority more.

so to optimize your article URL you should keep that keyword at the beginning of the URL like

Increase Domain Authority SEO Tutorial

Currently this article is optimized for “increase domain authority”.so the keyword is on the front of the domain URL and I know my article have good page authority so it will increase my domain authority as well.

Creating Backlinks

This is the most important part of increasing domain authority.if you post quality article and people don’t read it than what it is for?

so after posting articles you should create backlinks from other site to your article to increase page authority of that page and again when page authority increase it will increase your domain authority.

But you should keep certain points in mind before creating backlinks.

Always create backlinks from a trusted website, mean website with great domain authority and page authority, also check spamming score for that domain and pages.

Social Media

Create social media profile for your website and drop your website link and post articles on social media so you can get more backlinks and gain more visitors too.

Backlinks from social media will tell MOZ and GOOGLE that this site contain alot of trust worthy backlinks and rank it.

Domain Age

Domain age is another factor for DA. If you have a domain from 4-6 years than it will have a good DA than a domain with 1 year. If you are going to buy new domain than first check if this domain was exist before me or not. if exist than also check the SPAM score for that domain using moz open site explorer.if

if domain is spammy then you have to taken certain steps after buying and that is another step, for that you can leave a comment and i will post an article.

you can also use domain age checker to check domain age.

Be Patient

after taking all the steps carefully, now it’s time to wait and see affect. SEO is not a day work so you should sit back and wait for a few days and it will take effect and will gradually increase your domain authority.

I have keep this article short and there are tons of words to say about increase domain authority.so if you know another method, keep post that in the comment section and also follow us on social media youtube, facebook forum, facebook page, twitter.


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