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How To Earn Money Using Blog

Do you want to earn money using blog?

Before we answer the actual answer how to earn money using blog i will give you some suggestion and idea about blogging and why you should start or not, your own blog and earn money.In real, earning money from blog is not as much easy as it sound’s like, but there are hundreds of bloggers out there who earn thousands of dollar’s from there blog and enjoy his life during blogging.So what strategy they use to get that much earning from there blog and how?

Before you can consider making an income or earn money using blog, you first have to build up your readership. This could take months or years depending on the content you write. Once you have a loyal readership, your journey to monetizing your blog begins. Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme; it requires a long-term commitment and a ton of patience to make a decent income from your blog.

i will give my example, look at the who.is information of my domain, my domain is live since 3 year’s.


but my blog isn’t! at first i have created a blog than i inserted some of the content and after some months i leave to update my blog and one day i remove my host account and point it to another domain, so that way my blog got effected by search engine and now it’s up again and it’s like i am starting from scratch and doing blogging to write something and provide useful posts!


After looking at this story if you want to continue earn money using blogging than these are few methods through which you can start earn money using blog which you create.


1- Advertisement’s in simple ads. You can use ad systems such as Google AdSense or Amazon Affiliates (for banner ads) and infolinks and some other companies for text based ads and place ads on your blog. For every click/impression, you get a certain amount of money.


2- Guest Posts. You, once you become more popular, you can potentially charge small amounts to have people write guest posts on your site. They do this to gain recognition for their blog.


3- Sponsored Content. You can write a sponsored content blog post (such as a Sponsored By article). You get a certain amount of money for each article.


4- Paid reviews is also a powerful way to generate a good income by reviewing others website, blog, product etc on your website. You can charge 10$ to 500$ per review depending upon the blog post and also depend upon the price of the product you are reviewing.


5- Donate Button, As you can see many websites don’t have any type of ads. But they have high-quality content which helps people and have high ranking in search engine’s and getting unique visitors. If you think you have visitors those who can donate money to your blog just because you are providing quality of services.


These are some of the methods which is commonly used by blogger to earn money using blog. if you know other methods which we have miss in our article than you can post that in the comment section, we will be happy to add your suggestion to our article.


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