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HTML Comments

An HTML comment is a part of your HTML document that a browser does not display. You can think of the comment as an invisible Post-it note that is only revealed when someone looks at the HTML source code by viewing the...

Best Fonts For Blogs 2019

I was reading a blog and focus on the fonts used on that specific blog and try to find out about what fonts this blog is using because, it was really clean and very much readable and this idea came to my mind that why...

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CSS Border, Margin and Padding

CSS Border, Margin and Padding

CSS Border, Margin and Padding Today we will discuss CSS Border, Margin and Padding. CSS Border The CSS border properties allow you to specify the style, width, and color of an element’s border.The border...

CSS NavBar and Gallery

CSS NavBar and Gallery

CSS NavBar and Gallery Today we will discuss how to make CSS NavBar and Gallery. Now it’s the time to use all CSS Properties combine and make something looking good.Most of the Properties use over here were...

singular tags in html

Singular tags in html With Example

There are two main different types of tags in HTML. paired tags and Singular tags. so let’s start with what is HTML Tag. HTML Tags HTML tags are the hidden keywords which are not visible to the web surfer or at...

New Feature In PHP 7

New Features In PHP 7 With Examples

For the past seven years, PHP is the fourth most popular programming language in the world. After the release of PHP 5.6, it took 11 years for PHP developers to release new PHP version, however, the wait was worth it...