CSS Table and Form Styling

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CSS Table and Form Styling:

Today we will discuss CSS Table and Form Styling.

Table Border:

We can specify table border in CSS using border property.Below example shows red border for table, th and td element.The border collapse property set whether the table borders should be collapsed into a single border.

Table Width and Height:

We can set width and height for table using width and height properties.Below example shows how to set width and height for table.

Table Color:

Below example show how to make color table in CSS.

CSS Form Styling Input Fields:

Use width property to set width of the input field.

The above example applies to all input fields.If you only want to style a specific input type, you can use attribute selectors.

  • input[type=’text’] – it will select only input type text
  • input[type=’password’] – it will select only input type password
  • input[type=’submit’] – it will select only input type submit

Let’s see how to stylize Form in CSS.

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