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Best WordPress Plugins For Sending Push Notifications

This article will guide you about push notification, what is push notifications, how you receive push notifications, and what are the Best WordPress plugins for sending push notifications.


What is a Push Notification

push notifications are alert which will be displayed to you when you opted-in to apps or services.


how you receive push notifications

For example, Tutoriallab shows you a notification when you first visit that Tutoriallab wants to send a notification to you when new post published.

so when you opted into this push notification and when new post is published on tutoriallab, you will be notified inside windows, or browser, or mobile phone about the new published post.


how you receive push notifications

Subscribing to push notifications are very easy, if you want to subscribe to a website push notification, when you first visit that website it will show you a javascript alert, something like tutoriallab show.

When you hit ALLOW you will be subscribed to tutoriallab push notification and when new post published you will be notified. Behind this small trick of notification, there are push notification WordPress plugins which perform all these functions (if you are subscribing to WordPress website).

so if you are going to implement same functionality for your WordPress website, then this can be performed easily with the help of WordPress plugins, and in this post, you will see best push notifications plugins for WordPress. which are listed down below.


09 Best WordPress plugins for push notifications

Below is the top 5 list for best WordPress plugins for push notifications, with the help of these plugins you can set up push notifications for your own WordPress websites. Some of them offer free + pro version for which you will need to pay per month or pay one time.


pushed wordpress pushed notification plugin image

Pushed is a stand alone push notification wordpress plugin, which lets you create your own developer app for adding push notifications to your wordpress website. This plugin easily enable your wordpress website to send push notificatons to subscribers which opted in to your website. This plugin automatically sends a notification when a new post is published on your website.

Works on Desktop, Android, and iOS


onesignal push notification plugin wordpress image

OneSignal is another plugin that supports Chrome (desktop & Android), Firefox, and Safari. it’s getting popular day by day and currently, it has an active installation of 80,000+ websites. One signal is free and also offer paid services. currently, tutoriallab is using this plugin free functionality.

Onesignal offer extended facility like targeted notifications – the ability to send alerts to visitors based on their overall site activity on your blog, or setup a simple A/B test to see what kind of messages draw the most subscribers.

Pricing: Free 


PushAssist send you notifications to chrome, android and Safari. Pushassist is something like the brother of onesignal, it have all the features which onesignal have.

Price: Free notifications to up to 3,000 subscribers, paid after that.


best push notification plugin wordpress

PushEngage is standalone wordpress plugin or service which send notifications to mobile and web broswer. they have there own control panel.

pushengage send notification to  Samsung internet browser, chrome and firefox.

Beyond this pushengage have other features like:

  • Automatic responders
  • Easy segmentation
  • Automation
  • Geo targeting
  • RSS to notification
  • Personalized cart abandonment notifications
  • Call to action buttons

Pricing: PushEngage is free for up to 2,500 subscribers and 120 notifications per month. If exceed this number of notifications or subscribers then you have to pay per month, starting from $29/month.



Another popular push notification service, which have wordpress plugin to avail there service on wordpress website easily.

Pushcrew will send notifications to Chrome, android mobile and firefox.

Pricing : PushCrew offers a free plan that supports unlimited notifications for up to 2,000 subscribers with some feature limitations. Beyond this you will need to choose from plans starting from $18/Month.

All Push Notifications For WP

best wordpress push notification plugin 4

All push notifications for wp is self hosted wordpress notification plugin, you will only need this plugin to notify your subscribers and it’s free, but you will require more technical skills compare to the other plugins and service listed above and below.

All push notifications for wp will host all data of subscribers in the admin section of your wordpress website and from there you can do setup to send notifications to your subscribers.

All push notification for WP supports mobile push notifications via the following services:

  • Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) – for Android devices
  • Apple Push Notification service (APNs) – for iOS devices

You can then:

  • Send notifications whenever you publish a new post
  • Send notifications to specific WordPress users (this is a pretty neat feature, though it’s a niche use)

Pricing : Free for all type of usage, no branding etc.

Roost Web Push

top 10 push notification wordpress plugins

Roost web push allow you to send notification to chrome, Firefox and safari.

Roost web push allows you to send automatic notifications for all new posts or only posts in a certain category. You can also choose to send notifications when updating a post.

Pricing : Free

Pushup Notifications

push notification wordpress plugin 7

Pushup Notifications is worpress plugin which only work on safari, so if your website is only about Apple then you should use this push notifications wordpress plugin.
otherwise you should use other push notification wordpress plugins.

Another feature of this plugin is, when you publish new post it will show you an icon to send notification, if you press that, it will send notification otherwise it will not.

Pricing: $14.99 set up, then free for small plans. Paid beyond that.

Push Monkey

push notification wordpress plugin 09

Push Monkey will send notification to your visitor on chrome, Firefox, safari and mobile deivces. This is all rounder type of plugin which offer free and paid subscriptions.

It have more advanced features like Granular filter, Segmentation, Statistics, Schedule Notifications, Images in notifications, Geo location etc.

Pricing: Free up to 2000 Subscribers and 1 website, exceed from this will require subscription starting from $16/Month.


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