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Best Fonts For Blogs 2019

I was reading a blog and focus on the fonts used on that specific blog and try to find out about what fonts this blog is using because, it was really clean and very much readable and this idea came to my mind that why not find out Best Fonts For Blog and take one and use it on my own blog. I did research to get the all-time best fonts for the blog to increase readability, cleanness and increase user experience.

So, Why use a good font on a blog or website? because if fonts of the blog/website are worse then the user will not read it and close your website without reading the valuable contents and you know “best blog/article is nothing without reader”.

Also, it plays a huge role in the design of the website and readability time of the article, if you don’t believe me then change your website fonts to Comic Sans and see the result. Okay, that’s a bit drastic.

But, with typography, even the smallest change can make a significant difference. Thanks to the web and especially Google fonts, there are a ton of free web fonts out there to help you pick the best one. This article will also show you the best Google fonts combination for blog/website. So, If you are looking to upgrade your Blog or website fonts then check the list below.

Here are the Best Fonts For Blogs in 2019.

1. Roboto

Best Fonts for Blog and websiteRoboto is the overall best fonts used all around the web, the geometric shapes and friendly curves make this font best and all-rounder. Roboto is a widely used font on the web. There is no limitation what robot fonts can be used for, alot of designers are also using this font. Roboto is a very famous font and when using on a blog you will see the result yourself.

Get Robot Font

2. Poppins

Best font for Blogs 02Poppins is another Best font for blog, modern geometric sans serif typeface based on the Devanagari design. when applied to a blog Title and Body, you will see how clean it looks and how pleasent this font is for eyes, and this font is used by some major blog including tutorial lab, The font you are reading now is poppins font and Its the best choice for blog fonts.

Get Poppins Font


3. Open Sens

Best font for blogger 03Open Sans is another great font for blogs and website. Open sans + open sans condensed are combine to make a good combination of the one font. It is a neutral typeface Open Sans is very friendly and readable.  This font can be applied to headings, titles, and body of the website and blog and its very easily readable font for large paragraphs.

Get Open Sans Font

Get Open Sans Condensed Font


4. Playfair Display

Best font for blog 04Playfair Display is sort of old font style and is mostly good fit for headings and titles. This font is influenced by typefacer John Baskerville and William Martin’s typeface for the “Boydell Shakspeare”. In the above image, playfair display font is used.

Get Playfair display font


5. Montserrat

Best fonts for blog or website heading and titlesMontserrat is the Best for blog or website heading and titles. This font is a little bolder to be used as a website body font, but there are multiple variations of the same font like regular which is used in the title and subheading of the above image and medium is used for paragraph in the above image and light is used in the tutoriallab at the right down corner of the image. so you can use any variation of the font for your website/blog.

This font was originally created by Julieta Ulanovsky. Her inspiration for the font design came from all the beautiful signs and posters she saw in Montserrat, a neighborhood of Buenos Aires. It looks wonderful on short headings with large letters in all caps.

Get Montserrat Font


6. Oswald

Best font for blog or website heading and titlesOswald is another great font for blog/website heading and titles, its sans serif typeface and best for use in the titles because it was formed to fit the pixel grid of digital screens. Its condensed nature helps it grab attention and pop among other fonts, you can use it easily in titles with large amount of words and in small space.

Get Oswald Font


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